who I am and why I’m here

Okay, I am brand new to this blogging and has no idea how it works. Hope I do justice to my blog and at least somebody views it. This is my first blog in my entire life.

Answer to the question – who I am? I am working as a technical writer for really long time and I always thought about my writing capabilities as a blogger. As you know technical writing is totally a different genre, and as for blogging your corpus callosum in brain should be working efficiently or in simple terms the right hemisphere of the brain. I am sorry to get into the crux of the brain, actually this comes naturally to me as I am studying psychology or you can say that I am trying a failed attempt to understand the way humans think and behave.

Answer to the question – why I am here? I am here to express my views or rather for communicating with whole bunch of lovely people who may or may not share the same views related to stuffs I am planing to write. Hope I do not hurt anybody’s feelings or sentiments and if I ever write something that has an adverse effect please understand that it is not personal or intentional. – I guess that’s all what I can think of right now and thanks a lot of reading.

I have read many blogs and always wondered how beautifully people express their thoughts and views. I don’t know how good I am at it but I will surely give it my best.

Truly, writing is an art possessed by all but cultivated by some!

Thanks a lot and Happy Blogging